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ABM Virtual Sessions and Videos offer two streams of courses through video instruction. One stream is progressive and the other stream offers additional courses at random (with prerequisite recommendations). Song Instructional Videos are available for purchase individually as well. Each video includes the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Transcribed Accompaniment and Chords so they are appropriate for all skill levels.

Younger Students(ages 6-10) are more than welcome to sign up for our sessions, but we'd recommend a parent joining in on the journey until they are old enough to follow and ingest the video content and navigate the technology all on their own. Just to be clear, younger students will likely have to enrol in Boot Camp 1 multiple times before moving forward as each 8 week course introduces new skills. Now although, each student will progress at their own unique pace, in Amber's private lesson experience a young student (approx. ages 6-10) would work on the skills within Boot Camp 1 for 1-3 years before moving along to the skills within Boot Camp 2.


Older Students(ages 12+)generally acquire the necessary skills faster and can grab the concepts within each way before they are completely fluid in all skills. Meaning some may decide to only take each course once and work on the skills individually, whereas others may want to be guided in their progress for a little longer. That is totally up to you!

In an 8 week session  students can expect to:

  • Choose the pace at which they would like to learn

    • Average Pace - 1-3 hrs practice/week​

    • Keener Pace - 3-5 hrs practice/week

  • Choose 3 songs of their choice from our Cover List Video Instruction Library to work on throughout the 8 weeks.

  • Depending on the course, receive 1-5 videos/week covering applicable Theory, Technique, Various Musical Skills, Music Topics and Song Instructions. 

  • Have the chance to ask questions and show off their progress in real-time, monthly private online checkins with one of our professional instructors.

  • Progressive Stream Only: In addition to learning how to sing while accompanying themselves to their 3 songs of choice, students will also learn Basic Keyboard Theory and Technique, the building blocks of chording and improv methods.

  • Have the option to participate in ABM's online video concert in June as well as other ABM competitions.

Progressive Stream Sessions (8 wks Each):
Chording Boot Camp 1

Students will be introduced to: The notes on the keyboard, basic chording rhythmic patterns & triadic chords, technique, theory, applicable technology (worth it's weight in gold!), weekly practice expectations depending on specific goals, transposition and so much more! Students will be allowed to choose 3 songs from our Cover List Library to learn within this session.

Chording Boot Camp 2

Students will continue to solidify skills learned in Boot Camp 1 while integrating more technique, theory, syncopated chording rhythmic patterns and inverted chords. They will be encouraged to think more consciously about their voice while playing. Basic breathing, phrasing, projecting and mic/stage vocal techniques will be provided. Students will be allowed to choose 3 songs from our Cover List Library to learn within this session.

Chording Boot Camp 3 

Students will continue to solidify skills learned in Boot Camp 1 and 2 while integrating more intermediate technique, theory, and advanced chording rhythmic patterns while using inverted & extended chords. This session will introduce simple call and answer fills/licks, built from Major/Minor, Blues and Major/Minor Pentatonic Scales. Students will be allowed to choose 3 songs from our Cover List Library to learn within this session.

Additional Courses (8 wks Each):


*We recommend having completed the progressive stream prior to taking these sessions or have equivalent knowledge base/skills to its curriculum. Our Live Show and Stage Presence course is the one exception. Please read course description for prior skill requirements.

Intro to the Blues

An introduction to the 12 bar blues, blues scales, licks and patterns. Applicable songs will be chosen and provided by ABM for this session. 

Nashville Number System and Professional Charting

Here you will gain a basic understanding of the universal communication/charting system used by professional touring and studio musicians all over the world! Students will learn how to read and write their own professional charts, which will enable their ability to play songs in any key as well as grow their ability to communicate in a professional band setting.  

Intro to Songwriting
(Pre-Requisite: Nashville Number System and Professional Charting)

In addition to all the skills gathered in the progressive sessions, a basic understanding of the Nashville Number System is also recommended before enrolling in this session. Reason being, we use the NNS to break down popular songs and compare common songwriting progressions and techniques. You will have the chance to complete and adjust songs you have written previously, or compose something new and fresh. Get ready to explore your inner Bob Dylan! 

Transcription and Tasty Licks

Learn a variety of licks from pop/rock/country/gospel genres that Amber has transcribed and gathered in her pro tool box over the years. As well, learn how to transcribe any lick you want on your own! 

The Live Show and Stage Presence
(No pre-req courses required. Just the ability to sing and/or accompany yourself on keyboard or guitar!)

Why are some live shows and artists so captivating, and others who are equally musically gifted, bore us to death? In this course you will learn how to improve your live show, be it a simple 3 song set at an open mic or a paid gig on an upscale stage. You will acquire useful tips on how to connect with your crowd, plan out stage choreography (and I'm not referring to dancing!), learn the ins and outs of hiring a band and communicating your expectations to them (should you one day want to hire one) and so much more!


BONUS: A unique aspect to this particular course, is Amber Bauer will be personally critiquing your required video projects throughout the course.

The Royal Conservatory of Music's: Basic Rudiments Theory Course

*Note this course is included and spread over Boot Camps 1, 2 and 3 as part of the curriculum. It is listed as an additional course for students who simply wish to sign up and learn outside of our sessions.


Here we will walk you through the 1st level of the 3 Theory Rudiments required by the RCM. You will receive a suggested work guideline, explanation videos for each chapter, answer keys to mark your work once completed, a monthly checkin with a real instructor, additional quizzes, a notes/tip/important fact sheet, and a practice exam at the end. Please note, students may want to spread this course over 2 sessions as there are 15 chapters in the book. This would provide a more manageable pace - at a chapter a week plus one for review at the very end. Your choice!


Also, for anyone interested in writing the official RCM exam offered 3 times a year (for school, scholarship or RCM credit), provided you score 70% or higher on the practice exam, Amber is willing to let you register under her RCM teacher's number. 

Course sessions start on the

1st and 15th of every month


REGISTRATION officially closes 1 week prior to your desired start date.

 This allows time for online database familiarization, course material receipt and any necessary software/hardware setup.

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