*Please note that uur Sept. 1st intake is full. Our next available start date is Sept. 15th.


Students will be introduced to: The notes on the keyboard, basic chording rhythmic patterns & triadic chords, technique, theory, applicable technology (worth it's weight in gold!), weekly practice expectations depending on specific goals, transposition and so much more! Students will be allowed to choose 3 songs from our Cover List Library to learn within this session.

Chording Boot Camp 1

  • None! This course is for anyone who has either NEVER played before OR has taken lessons and can read notated music, but has never has learned how to freely work with chords and improvise.  If you still aren't certain if you are a fit, have a read through our Course Curriculum and Additional Course Descriptions. If the vocab and skills are unfamiliar to you - join in the fun! ​