*Note this course is included and spread over Boot Camps 1, 2 and 3 as part of the curriculum. It is listed as an additional course for students who simply wish to sign up and learn outside of our sessions.


Here we will walk you through the 1st level of the 3 Theory Rudiments required by the RCM. You will receive a suggested work guideline, explanation videos for each chapter, answer keys to mark your work once completed, a monthly checkin with a real instructor, additional quizzes, a notes/tip/important fact sheet, and a practice exam at the end. Please note, students may want to spread this course over 2 sessions as there are 15 chapters in the book. This would provide a more manageable pace - at a chapter a week plus one for review at the very end. Your choice!


Also, for anyone interested in writing the official RCM exam offered 3 times a year (for school, scholarship or RCM credit), provided you score 70% or higher on the practice exam, Amber is willing to let you register under her RCM teacher's number. 

The Royal Conservatory of Music's: Basic Rudiments Theory Course

Start Date 2021
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