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Who are the Progressive Stream and Additional Courses designed for?

Anyone who has either NEVER played before OR has taken lessons and can read notated music, but has never has learned how to freely work with chords and improvise. Please note some Additional courses require a base knowledge and/or certain prerequisites to be completed first. If you still aren't certain if you are a fit, have a read through our Course Curriculum and Additional Course Descriptions. If the vocab and skills are unfamiliar to you - join in the fun! 

Who are the Song Instructional Videos designed for?

Everyone! Each video includes the chords, signature transcribed parts and instruction on how to execute all of this - for a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced player.​

What ages can sign up?

Students of all ages are welcome to sign up! However, we'd highly recommend a parent learning alongside a student under the age of 10, as there is a steep learning curve in terms of vocabulary, skills and technology navigation within the first Boot Camp Session. 

Are the lessons live with Amber?

No. Each lesson is a pre-recorded video with Amber. You do however, get two LIVE online checkins/8 week session with one of our professional instructors. 

When can I start? How long does each session run for? When do I need to register and pay by?

  • In order to ensure accountability and thus student success, we have set session start and end dates.

  • Our single course 8 week sessions start on the 1st and 15th of each month (starting Sept. 1st) so you can choose a date that works best for you. 

  • Annual plans run for the educational year - starting Sept.1st and wrap up the last week of June.

  • We would need to receive your payment and registration 1 week prior to your start date, so we have enough time to prepare your uniquely curated course.

Please click here to view our: COURSE LIST AND CURRICULUM

How long do I have access to Course Videos and Song Instructional Videos?

You will only have access to all course videos for the 8 week session (2 months) whereas you will be granted lifetime access to the Song Instructional Videos. 

Do I get to choose the 3 songs I learn in each course? Can I do more than 3? 

Yes you get to choose! If you'd like to learn more than 3 songs, you are welcome to purchase as many as you'd like for a student rate of $22/song. You will have lifetime access to any additional SIV purchases. 

Do I have to be an enrolled student to purchase a Song Instructional Video (SIV)?

No you do not. You may choose to purchase any song from our Library at anytime. We charge $42/Song Instructional Video for those currently NOT enrolled. You will have lifetime access to these videos. 

How much does a Song Instructional Video Cost? Can I purchase them and start at anytime?

Enrolled ABM student - $22/Song

Non-enrolled ABM student - $42/song

Yes! You can purchase and start working on a song anytime you like. You DO NOT have to wait for a course start date. 

What do ABM Video course sessions look like (Chording Boot Camp 1, 2, 3)?

Each course is broken into 8 week sessions, jam packed with instructional videos that follow Amber's step by step PIANO CHORDING CURRICULUM, where students learn to accompany a vocal for a variety of uses:

  • Singer/songwriter performing and/or composing

  • Playing in a rock/pop/blues/county band

  • Playing on the church worship team

  • Playing for personal enjoyment at home

  • To develop their inner ROCKSTAR

Throughout the duration of an 8 week session, students will have the chance to:

  • Choose the pace at which they would like to learn

    • Average Pace - 1-3 hrs practice/week​

    • Keener Pace - 3-5 hrs practice/week

  • Choose 3 songs of their choice from our Cover List Video Instruction Library to work on throughout the 8 weeks.

  • Have the chance to ask questions and show off their progress in real-time, monthly private skype checkins with a piano instructor.

  • In addition to learning how to sing while accompanying themselves to their 3 songs of choice, students will also learn Basic Keyboard Theory and Technique, the building blocks of chording and improv methods.

  • Have the option to participate in ABM's online video concert in June as well as other ABM competitions.

What makes this virtual program unique? Why wouldn't i just use free Youtube videos to learn? Or sign up with a weekly private instructor?

  • It can be hard for even the most self-motivated individuals to put the time in to practice. Unlike Youtube videos and most other Virtual music lessons, ABM Virtual students are provided with accountability through an online community where they are welcome to post their progress, weekly practice checklists, monthly checkins with a live instructor and the chance to participate in an online concert each year to ensure you stay on task and actually meet your goals! Not to mention we focus on vocal accompaniment, NOT sight reading notes on the staff, which takes a fraction of the time to learn. More on this below. 

  • Lessons with a private instructor is obviously an amazing option...if you can afford it that is! With ABM Virtual you are receiving all of Amber's private lesson tips, tricks, methods and instruction you would get in person with her, for HALF the COST and multiple family members can learn simultaneously for the cost of one student!

  • Our 8 week sessions allow your family the flexibility to simply not sign up for a particular session should you need to take a break mid year for any reason. As well, it allows the keeners to carry on throughout the summer should they want :)

  • Please note, we do not spend time teaching you how to sight read notes. Learning to read music on a staff is an incredible skill to have and one we would encourage young students to develop, however how many of you adults can relate to the whole "I took piano for 5 years when I was young, hated it and can't remember a lick of what I learned"? And now you regret not being able to play right? Well, in my experience, chances are you might not stick with it even now that you appreciate it, provided you ever found the hundreds of hours it takes to learn to read music. Why?? Because it's HARD and takes years to get good enough to play anything cool. That's just the facts. However, what if I told you there was another way to play? That takes months - not YEARs to learn and is incredibly gratifying and beautiful. This is what we're offering you in our ABM Virtual Chording Sessions. 

How much does it cost? And what is included? 

A single 8 week course session costs $230, or sign up for the entire educational year, Sept-June, (5 sessions = 40 wks) for a bulk discounted rate of $999 for individuals from the same household (monthly instalment payments available with annual signup). To give you an idea - 40 weeks x 1hr weekly private lessons would = $2200!!


A $220 - 8 week course session includes:


  • 2 private 30 min. sessions with an instructor ($60 Value)

  • -10 hrs of video instructional footage covering various topics mentioned in each course description, in addition to weekly theory/technique/song video instruction - all of which you have access to for the full 2 months ($385-$550 VALUE).

  • Weekly practice guidelines, reminders and checklists

  • Instructional videos for 3 songs of the student's choice (chosen from our Cover List Library)

  • Annual Concert Participation (June each year!) and ABM Competition Eligibilities

  • The privilege to purchase additional Song Instructional Videos (beyond the 3 included/session) from our Cover List Library at our student rate of $22/song instead of our non-student rate of $42/song.

Are there any extra costs?


  • We DO NOT charge a membership fee.

  • We ask families to subscribe to the app CAPO - $19.99/annual.

  • You may need to purchase the Mp3 version of the 3 songs you choose each session if you do not already own them. 

Do I need to own a real piano to sign up?

  • Absolutely not! A keyboard will do just fine. All you will need to get rolling is something with 88 weighted keys and a sustain pedal. 

What if I sign up and am dissatisfied?

  • We are committed to serving you and sincerely hope you love our courses, but should you feel dissatisfied for any reason, we will provide a full refund up to 30 days after purchase. Please be sure to let us know what we can strive to do better in the future!

Course sessions start on the

1st and 15th of every month


REGISTRATION officially closes 1 week prior to your desired start date.

 This allows time for online database familiarization, course material receipt and any necessary software/hardware setup.

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