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I'm having the best time taking this course!!! All of Amber's resources through each of these weeks has been incredibly helpful to moving my piano playing forward! I am a guitar player, and knew very little about piano before beginning this, and am now feeling so much more confident to play songs that I love, and write songs on a piano too! Especially in this time of being home so much, it's been something I look forward to every week getting to work on this and learning from Amber through the distance is such a joy. You can feel her love for music and songs as she's explaining everything in such an easy to understand way. And she's teaching real songs in the world that I love and want to know how to play and incorporate in my shows! I've always been grateful to call her a dear friend who I love, someone I've adored playing music with for years, and now I get to call her my favourite teacher too!!



We truly cannot believe how much we have learned in only 2 months of lessons! Amber’s lessons provide a fun and easy approach to learning to play the piano. If you want to get playing and singing your favorite songs right away, we would highly recommend Amber's Song Video Lessons!


Amber started teaching the boys and I music a year before Ronan (our son) got sick. As part of each class she incorporated this method and we loved it. It was the favourite part of each and every lesson. The boys thrived and were able to actually show off their skills after only one lesson. They would eagerly pick songs for her to teach them the chords too and they would rock out at home. Instant reward for them made them eager to practice or even just dabble at the keyboard. 

Titi and Tito (ABM Virtual Students - Twins age 17).

Tenille Townes (Recording Artist)

Sarah Jane (ABM Student and Mother)


Song Lesson Video




  • Access for 1 year

  • Each video includes Rookie/Intermediate & Advanced Lessons 

  • Valued at $350 (4-6 private lessons)

  • Chord/lyric chart provided

Free Lesson Video

"Memories" By Maroon 5


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