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Who are the Song Video Lessons designed for?

Everyone! Each video includes the chords, signature transcribed parts and instruction on how to execute all of this - for a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced player.​

What ages can sign up?

Students of all ages are welcome to sign up! However, we'd highly recommend a parent learning alongside a student under the age of 10, as there is a steep learning curve in terms of vocabulary, skills and technology navigation. 

Are the lessons live with Amber?

Depends what you sign up for. Some Courses offer in person Tutorials in Edmonton. However, when you simply purchase a Song Lesson Video - No. In this case, each lesson is a pre-recorded video taught by Amber.

How long do I have access to a Song Video Lessons once I purchase it?

You will be granted 1 year access. 

How much does a Song Instructional Video Cost? Can I purchase them and start at anytime?

$45/Song Video Lesson. Yes! You can purchase and start working on a song anytime you like. 

What makes Amber's Video Lessons unique? Why wouldn't i just use free Youtube videos to learn? Or sign up with a weekly private instructor?

  • We focus on vocal accompaniment, NOT sight reading notes on the staff. This type of learning is cumulative - meaning the skills you gain will translate to other songs and take you a fraction of the time to learn!

  • It can be hard for even the most self-motivated individuals to put the time in to practice. Unlike Youtube videos and most other virtual music lessons, when you sign up for a ABM Course, students are provided with accountability through either in-person or online monthly tutorials, weekly practice schedules/task lists, the chance to participate in an online concert to share your progress and ensure you stay on task to actually meet your goals! 

  • Lessons with a private instructor is obviously an amazing option...if you can afford it that is! With ABM Virtual you are receiving all of Amber's private lesson tips, tricks, methods and instruction you would get in person with her, for a fraction of the cost and multiple family members can learn simultaneously for the price of one!

  • Flexibility to work at your own pace. Take it slow OR for all you keeners out there, carry on throughout the summer by purchasing a Song Lesson Video and work through it independently :)

Do I need to own a real piano to sign up?

  • Absolutely not! A keyboard will do just fine. All you will need to get rolling is something with 88 weighted keys and a sustain pedal. 

What if I sign up and am dissatisfied?

  • We are committed to serving you and sincerely hope you love our courses, but should you feel dissatisfied for any reason, we will provide a full refund up to 30 days after purchase. Please be sure to let us know what we can strive to do better in the future!


Song Lesson Video




  • Access for 1 year

  • Each video includes Rookie/Intermediate & Advanced Lessons 

  • Valued at $350 (4-6 private lessons)

  • Chord/lyric chart provided

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