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Do you dream of...

Discovering your inner singer/songwriter/rockstar?

Playing in a rock/blues/country/pop or church worship band?


Simply playing for personal enjoyment?


Learn in Weeks Not Years!

(For a fraction of the cost of PRivate Lessons)


By learning chords and rhythmic patterns that are universally applicable, instead of spending hours learning to read notated music for one song. 


By learning according to your musical tastes! You get to choose a song you LOVE , which makes learning far more enjoyable and motivating!


By choosing a pace that best suits your life and helps you attain your goals in a realistic fashion:

  • No contracts - Flexibility to learn at your leisure!


By learning only what is necessary (in terms of theory and technique) to get you actually playing this month - not a year from now.

Valued at $250+
(4-8 private lessons)
Lifetime access!
$40/Song Instructional Video


How many of you adults can relate to the whole "I took piano for 5 years when I was young, hated it and can't remember a lick of what I learned"? And now you regret not having stuck with it because you wish you could play. Can I get a hand up?

Well, in my 22 years of teaching experience, chances are you might not stick with most conventional lessons for long, even now that you do desire and appreciate the skill -- provided you ever found the hundreds of hours it takes to learn to read music. Why?? Because it's HARD and takes years to get good enough to read music to play anything cool. That's just the facts.


However, what if I told you there was another way to play? That takes weeks - not YEARs to learn and is incredibly gratifying and beautiful! This is what I'm offering you in my song instructional videos.


Over my 15 years as a professional musician, I've toured and played/sang on the biggest festival stages in Canada with various Artists such as Tenille Townes, The Wilkinsons, and Lisa Brokop. I've written songs and recorded  an album in Nashville and was fortunate to be the pilot artist signed to George Canyon's label, releasing 2 singles to radio. Simultaneously, I have been teaching and freelancing on the side for local bands and corporate shows breaking down/transcribing thousands of popular cover songs.


Along the way, I have been fine tuning and tweaking my curriculum as I've watched hundreds of students learn. Although some go on to pursue professional careers in a music field, most just want to learn for FUN. Having said that, I have discovered a common thread between the pro-to be and leisure student - they both enjoy and are inspired by the chording/improv part of our lessons! 


This is why I have tailored these song instructional videos to teach you only what is necessary to get you playing right away. This will not include teaching you how to sight read notes. Learning to read music on a staff is an incredible skill to have, and one I would encourage young students to develop and supplement through other lessons, BUT it takes a lot of time to get there. Time we want you to be enjoying playing and even performing, right now! If you find for any reason we are not the right fit for you, I guarantee you a full refund. This is my promise to you!        



Our next 8 wk Session starts Sept 1st 2020

(LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE - Sessions begin on the 1st and 15th of every month)

REGISTRATION officially closes 1 week prior to your desired start date.

 This allows time for online database familiarization, course material receipt and any necessary software/hardware setup.

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