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Because you have DREAMT about...

Progressive Stream Courses:


Boot Camp 1, 2 & 3

Additional Courses Offered as well:


Intro To the Blues


Intro To Song Writing


Nashville Number System and Pro Charting

Tasty Licks and Transcription

RCM Basic Theory Rudiments Course

  • Developing your singer/songwriter, performing, and/or beginner writing skills

  • Playing in a rock/pop/blues/country band

  • Playing on the church worship team

  • Playing for personal enjoyment at home

  • Discovering your inner ROCKSTAR!

Anyone who has:

  • Never played before OR has taken lessons and can read notated music, but has never has learned how to freely work with chords and improvise. If you still aren't certain if you are a fit, have a read through our Course Curriculum. If the vocab and skills are unfamiliar to you - join in the fun!

And can make this happen in weeks, NOT YEARS!

The QUICK Facts

  • HALF the price of private lessons PLUS your entire family can learn for the price of one student.

  • Watch weekly video lessons whenever is convenient for you, rather than rushing out the door to a lesson potentially way across town!

  • Choose the 3 songs you want to learn for each 8 week session while learning applicable theory and proper technique.

  • No membership or contracts.

  • Pay only when you play -  Flexible, short 8 week sessions. Choose NOT sign up if you will be away or need to take a break mid-year. OR continue into the summer if you are on a roll and loving it!

  • You will learn to accompany your voice in weeks not years! Click to find out HOW.

  • We provide accountability to help you stay on task - set sessions, monthly LIVE video checkins with one of our professional instructors, weekly practice task lists and limited access to videos for each course to ensure you do the work on schedule.

What's UNIQUE about Amber's Curriculum

Curate your own program by choosing the songs you want to learn!

View our Song Instructional Video Library!

  • You will be playing and singing something you are proud of by the end of the first 8 week session.

  • It can be hard for even the most self-motivated individuals to put the time in to practice. Unlike Youtube videos and most other Virtual music lessons, ABM Virtual students are provided with accountability through an online community where they are welcome to post their progress, weekly practice checklists, monthly checkins with one of of live professional instructors and the chance to participate in an online concert each year to ensure you stay on task and actually meet your goals! Not to mention we focus on vocal accompaniment, NOT sight reading notes on the staff, which takes a fraction of the time to learn. More on this below. 

  • You get to curate each new 8 week session, by choosing the 3 songs you want to play, rather than being forced to learn whatever the teacher has chosen.

  • Instead of simply memorizing fingers and notes glowing on the screen in front of you, you will learn proper technique and theory, which will enable and empower you to breakdown and learn songs on your own long after your ABM sessions are over.

  • Our 8 week sessions allow your family the flexibility to simply not sign up for a particular session should you need to take a break mid year for any reason. As well, when many music schools are closed, it allows the keeners to carry on throughout the summer should they want :)


  • 22 years teaching experience

  • 15 years touring and performing experience with Artists such as the Wilkinson's, Lisa Brokop and Tenille Townes.​

  • Released 2 singles to country radio

  • Was signed to George Canyon's label Broken Pick Records

  • Has completed her Grade 9 RCM​


How many of you adults can relate to the whole "I took piano for 5 years when I was young, hated it and can't remember a lick of what I learned"? And now you regret not having stuck with it because you wish you could play. Can I get a hand up?

Well, in my experience, chances are you might not stick with most lessons even now that

you do appreciate the skill. Provided you ever found the hundreds of hours it takes to learn to read music. Why?? Because it's HARD and takes years to get good enough to play anything cool. That's just the facts. However, what if I told you there was another way to play? That takes weeks - not YEARs to learn and is incredibly gratifying and beautiful.


This is what I'm offering you in my Virtual Chording Boot Camp Sessions. Over the years, I've been fine tuning and tweaking my curriculum as I watch each student learn. Although some go on to pursue professional careers in a music field, most just want to learn for FUN. Every student enjoys the chording part of lessons with me, and presses on in the latter. Which is why I have tailored this program to teach you only what is necessary to get you playing right away. This will not include teaching you how to sight read notes. Learning to read music on a staff is an incredible skill to have, and one I would encourage young students to develop, but it takes a lot of time to get there. Time we want you to be enjoying playing and even performing, right now! 

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