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Have you ever...

Wished you could play the piano and sing at the same time?

Maybe you feel like...

You're swimming in a sea of Youtube Videos, wasting your life to NEVER discover the right song at the right skill level?

Well I'm here to tell you...

You can!


There is a better way!

Learn in Weeks Not Years!


By learning chords and rhythmic patterns that are universally applicable, instead of spending hours learning to read notated music for one song. 


With accountability to keep you on track:

  • Monthly LIVE video checkins with one of our professional instructors

  • A set 8 week timeline

  • Guided weekly practice checklists


By choosing a pace that best suits your life and helps you attain your goals in a realistic fashion:

  • Slow and Steady - 1-3 hrs practice/week


  • Average - 3-5 hrs practice/week


By playing songs that you choose (and love) which makes learning far more enjoyable and motivating!


By learning only what is necessary (in terms of theory and technique) to get you actually playing this month - not a year from now.

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