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  • If you have questions or concerns, the last 5 min. of each tutorial will be set aside for parents to chat with Amber in-person.

  • Email:

  • TELEGRAM: I will be offering both student and parent text communication through the app TELEGRAM. Videos for adjudication will be sent through this app as well. 

  • I'd really appreciate you helping me keep a better work/personal life balance, by NOT texting/messaging my Personal Phone Number, Whatsap or Facebook Messenger this year about anything lesson related. 

  • You can expect a response within 24 hours during office hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-2:30pm.


REQUIRED TECHNOLOGY (For in-home practice)

A Piano or Keyboard: Let me know if you need purchase or rental suggestions.

A Speaker and MP3/Streaming Device:

  • Students will need quick access to a speaker that has the capability to be heard CLEARLY over the piano. This is VERY important as they will be taught to listen for various elements within the songs they are accompanying, which all play critical roles in a student’s musical development.

  • In my experience, if the speaker is not setup in reach of the instrument they are practicing on, students will rarely use it. Please ensure the student has quick and easy access to the speaker or system, along with the MP3/Streaming device.

A metronome (digital app or physical).

A device to preview Song Lesson Videos, setup near the piano.

Telegram App: Please download this app onto any and all applicable devices for both parent and student communication with Amber. 


If you cannot make a scheduled tutorial for whatever reason, as a courtesy I will be offering one master class makeup tutorial a semester - 2 total over the school year. If you have a missed lesson on your account, you will have the option to sign up once dates are posted. However, please note these master classes will not be song specific, therefore students will need to either learn from the video on their own that month and/or purchase a makeup private lesson with me for an additional $30/lesson. 


I will be offering exclusive additional vocal master classes for anyone enrolled in my hybrid tutorial program. I will post dates throughout the year, and you will have the option to sign up. First come first served. The cost will be $25/Vocal Master Class. 



Annual tutorial fees are split into 10 monthly payments. Payment must be received by the last day of the month. Example: September fees are due by Oct.1st. A $25 late fee would be applied if payment was received after midnight Oct. 1st. Each month you will receive an invoice by email, a week before payments are due.


Payment Options:


1. Credit Card:


Visit Create login using link provided through email by ABM. Follow online instructions. Please note there is a provider service charge (% of your total fees) should you choose this option.


2. E-transfers:


Please send the e-transfer to:




There is a $25 late fee for any payment received after midnight on the 1st of the month - starting October 1st. You are welcome to pay as early in the month as you’d like to better suit your financial rhythms. However, please do not be alarmed if you still receive a reminder invoice, as do not update accounts until the 1st.

MAKING IT OFFICIAL (No need to fill in blank, as it will be done digitally on the next page)

I ______________ (paying client) understand that I am committing to the course for the entire contract duration: Sept. 1st/2023 – June 30th/2024. 10 monthly payments. l will be charged in full each month whether I attend the monthly tutorial or not. I will e-transfer my non-refundable deposit of $50/student to secure my slot(s) to:

Thanks so much! Looking forward to making music and learning together! It’s going to be a great year!



Amber Bauer

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